Aircraft Management

Our AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT department GUARANTEE, CONTROLLED REVENUE STREAM FOR YOU has a distinct advantage from other aircraft management companies. As an Aircraft Management, we’ll add your aircraft to our fleet, thereby making it available to our local, national and international base members.

Our aircraft management department offers you a guaranteed and controlled stream of revenue. We can also fill deadhead or transient aircraft flights through our global online Air charter market platform. Because.


Are you planning to start an airline?. From startup airlines to establishing as industry leaders, the process could be very daunting but highly rewarding if you have the right team behind you.

Though airline business is capital intensive with fierce competition and high cost of fuel. Operations are labor intensive and subject to government control and political influence with a lot depending on the weather conditions. But the intrepid entrepreneur is not alone. The Airchartersupermarket team of consultants assists entrepreneurs in launching new airlines. From the idea concept through launch,

Airchartersupermarket provides guidance, review, analysis, data, resources, for any prospective enterpreneur. For more please contact us on:


One of the most significant benefits offers an aircraft owner is that we perform and coordinate all your aircraft’s maintenance. It begins with the addition of your aircraft to our maintenance tracking software AvTrak.

Our maintenance technicians will track and perform the regularly scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in partnership with leading maintenance providers. The

larger, less frequent inspections are performed in partnership with industry-trusted maintenance facilities.

Our Maintenance Partners has established exclusive partnerships with leading maintenance providers to ensure the highest quality and value from our Aircraft Management services. Our team works together with our maintenance partners to establish trusting working relationships for maintenance services performed at any location.

We have access to a leading approved EASA 145 maintenance facilities and Parts supplier who meet our exacting standards and are fully compliant with the latest regulations. This includes CAA approval under the new EASA part M regulations




Our process starts with our aircraft Acquisitions consultants, conducting a comprehensive interview to gain a complete understanding of what your needs, be it a commercial wide or narrow body airliners to a private jet or helicopter.

Things we’ll discuss with you include:

  • Your typical mission profile
  • Commercial purposes
  • Routes analyses
  • Competitors
  • Destinations you plan to travel to frequently and types of trips you envision taking
  • How many passengers you’ll fly with and how much luggage you’ll regularly have
  • How frequently you’ll be flying
  • Type of aircraft in mind

By taking the time to understand your demands from an aircraft, we can identify necessary aircraft that will meet those needs. For example, once we know that a client’s most important use for the jet is to attend regular business meetings at a specific location, we can begin to identify jets that have the right seating capacity, that won’t need to make a fuel stop, and that have the desired amenities.