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Targeted Marketing

Using the very latest technology, Aircharter Supermarket revolutionises the way in which Professional Charter Brokers and Operators connect. No other platform provides so much choice for so many users.

Which is great news for you! With a range of advertising packages available, you can now promote your business to your buyers with a tailored campaign that really works. Thousands of page views every day exclusively from jet charter professionals gives you the best access possible to your target audience.

Aircharter Supermarket allows us to target our advertising to specific locations which is essential for a tangible roi.

Patrick Sniffen, Vice president marketing for Signature Flight Support

Aircharter Supermarket deliver with its simple, easy to use and effective broker platform. for me the decision to partner with Aircharter Supermarket to deliver this broker initiative was also easy to make.

Patrick Sniffen, Vice president marketing for Signature Flight Support

Airport location advertising

The Aircharter Supermarket platform has over 7,500 airports listed where charter brokers can search by airport name, city, ICAO/IATA or FAA codes. At each airport, we display up to 4 advertising banners for companies who want to be seen regularly by licensed operators or charter brokers. We can apply a "hover message" that describes your services or a special offer you want to promote at that location.

Headline banner advertising

These are our main headline banner adverts and there are just 4 on each side of the platform, broker and operator. There are multiple options here. Firstly you can have your advert to show on either broker or operator or both. You can have a permanent slot or you can share your slot with either one, three or seven other advertisers. Also with a pop up balloon message for any special deals at any particular location.

Featured Aircraft Advertising

Along the lines of a google sponsored advert you can pay for a specific tail to be the featured aircraft for any particular location. Your aircraft will always show at the top of the search list regardless of the price estimated.

Pricing Structure

Advertising format 15 days 5 days 1 Month 21 days 6 month
Dashboard 10 5 - - -
Post trip 20 - - - -
Requirement - - 150 - -

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All prices are per month, net of VAT payable in advance in minimum 3 month packages